Buzzy BePreschool - Licensed Home Childcare in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Buzzy BePreschool - Licensed Home Childcare in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Parent Handbook

 Buzzy Bee Preschool Day Care

Child Care Contract and Terms of Agreement

Experience and Philosophy:

I believe that children have the right to a nurturing, safe, environment where they can feel comfortable and secure. I feel that the children have a right to develop to their maximum abilities and I would like to help provide this opportunity for them to do so in my home.  I will guide them in developing a positive self-esteem through love and respect as well as academic and physical skills at their own development level.

I will work to keep abreast of current information on child care and Early Childhood Education. I am active in continuing my education through workshops and conferences.  

I have CPR and First Aid, medication training, follow all the standards for registration, have a criminal history check performed on each family member over 14 years of age, and run my Licensed Preschool daycare with the same concern and love as always.

support the NAEYC Code of Conduct to ensure the well-being as well as to support the healthy development of young children.  For more information on the NAEYC Code of Conduct please visit:

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Description of Program:

I provide care for children in a family style, loving atmosphere. I have designed my own program that will provide a structured pre-school curriculum. Weekly themes will cover numbers, letters, shapes and colors.  I also believe music, communication, and movement are very important parts of the healthy development of a child.  I care for a very small group, as it is my belief that fewer children equal better care.  Because I am able to give more "one-on-one attention than a big center, I am able to encourage each child to grow according to their needs, not mine.  I provide the parents with daily reports and a seasonal newsletter in an effort to communicate schedules and routines during this wonderful time of growth, exploration and change.

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1. It is my goal to provide the best quality care for your child in a safe, loving, and stimulating environment.

2. A program that will meet the needs of both the parent and the child.

3. Safe and sanitary conditions.

4. Structured environment that will help the children learn and develop in a happy, loving atmosphere.

5. To help the parent and the child feel secure and comfortable with the daycare decision.

6. To have good communication between parent and provider.

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Regular Attendance:

Children can benefit from the opportunities offered by preschool daycare when they attend regularly. Therefore, consistent and prompt attendance is advised. If your child will be late or absent, please notify me no later than your child’s regular arrival time in the morning. I encourage you to spend days off, vacations, and holidays with your child when possible, but need for you to inform me of these days in advance. You are required to keep your child home when ill and need to inform me as soon as possible in the event that you must stay home with your child.

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Hours of Operation:

I provide childcare during your contracted working hours only.

My business hours are Monday through Thrusday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless other arrangements have been made.  Since my childcare business is operated in my home, I ask you to respect my hours and to avoid being late or to linger after hours. Drop‑off time and pick-­up time must be strictly observed. I charge a $5.00 fee for every fifteen minutes if you drop off early or if you are late to pick up your child. Advance permission is required to arrive before 8:00 a.m. I charge $1 for every minute you are late to pick up your child.  This is payable at the time the child is picked up for the day.  My intent is not to increase my income, but to have my opening and closing times respected so I may follow through with my family plans and commitments. Please be on time daily.

When you arrive to drop off your child or to pick them up at the end of the day you will be required to sign the sign in sheet. You will need to write the date, time and your full signature (no initials or first names only) in your child’s section of the book.

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Trial Period:

Your child’s adjustment is important to the both of us.  There will be a two week trial period that will be used to determine whether the child(ren) will be able to fit into my child care program.  It is appreciated that a child does not always adjust easily to a new situation.  This will give the child, the other children in my home and me an opportunity to discover one another.  In this manner, we can determine if there is a working relationship for all involved.  Both parties agree to give two weeks to see if the child(ren) can bond with other children and the provider.  After two weeks, if either the provider or the parents do not feel the child is adjusting, both have the right to terminate the contract without further notice.

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 Registration Policy:

Colorado State Law requires parents to complete the following forms: 

             1. Enrollment/Admission Form

             2. Authorization/Emergency Information Form

             3. Health Evaluation Form

             4. Immunization Record or signed exempt form 

Before a child is admitted for care, I must receive a signed contract and terms of agreement. In addition, all enrollment forms including the Health Status Form and the Immunization Form must be received and signed by a physician or a licensed nurse practitioner. A notary must sign where indicated on the forms.  

The Health Status Form must be updated annually for children under the age of 7 and every three years for children ages 7 and older. All other forms must be updated annually. 

I do prefer that all children who attend this childcare home have all of their immunizations but I understand that this may not be possible for all children for whatever reason. I do accept children who are exempt from immunizations.

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Children’s Schedules:

I serve the following meals: morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. I focus on serving nutritious foods to all children. Each year I am required to take a class on nutrition to help improve the diets of children from birth through childhood. If your child has a food allergy to one or two ingredients I will not serve them that particular item/items. If your child has severe allergies to several items then you will be required to provide their own food, including all snacks and meals. If your child is allergic to milk you will be required to provide their milk. At the end of each day you will receive a daily report that shows what your child ate for lunch.

Morning snack will be served between 9:00 and 9:30 am. Lunch will be served between 11:30 and 12:00am. An afternoon snack will be offered at about 3:30 and 4:00pm.  A "QUIET' time is observed in my home between the hours of 2:00-4:00 P.M. If you will be picking up your child within these hours, prior notice would be appreciated. This way special arrangement will be made so that the other children will not be disturbed during their much-needed time of rest.

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Toys and Candy:

Please do not send toys, candy, or gum to daycare with your child. The other children will want these items your child may not want to share. I do not allow toy guns and weapon of any kind in my school. If any of these items are sent they will be put away until the child/ren leave for the day and will be sent back home with them with a note asking that the items not be returned to daycare.  This daycare cannot assume responsibility for the loss or damage to your child/ren’s personal items.

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Accidents & Emergencies:

Despite a very watchful eye sometimes accidents do happen especially with children, it’s just a fact of life.  So should the unthinkable arise, I want you to know that I have already thought ahead of time of what my actions would be, so to be prepared to serve your child to the best of my ability.  

In case of an injured child such as but not limited to: Small bumps, scrapes and cuts I will administer first aid (soapy water, ice pack and band aid per the Department of Social Services) and the parent/guardian will be notified at pick up time as to what happened.  For more severe injuries, I will call a parent/guardian, or if needed 911 and then notify the parents/guardians.  Should the child need to be transported, I will relay the parents/guardians choice of hospital as indicated by intake records. Should I be unable to contact a parent/guardian I will call the person or persons listed on your emergency form.  I am certified in both CPR and First Aid. 

If ever I could not locate a child I would contact the police and the child’s parents/guardians immediately.  If a child is lost, all children will be gathered in one area while I check the remainder of the childcare area and house for the lost child.  I will then also check outdoors and neighboring homes. 

In case of an accidental poisoning I will call the poison control center, determine what the child got into, follow the poison center’s recommendations, call 911 if needed and alert one of the parents/guardians of the incident. 

Emergencies and Evacuations:

Natural Disasters, Terrorists Attacks & Emergencies

Natural disasters do occur in Colorado. As of June 1, 1995 all Licensed Child Care Homes are required to have a plan of action to follow. This center has a rough copy of the home's floor plan and escape route posted in the day care should the event arise.

I also keep a copy of the emergency phone list and phone numbers for all the children in my care on the refrigerator to aid any rescue crews and in my cell phone if I need to contact you while away from the paperwork.  

In all situations I will first do my absolute best to make sure all children are safe and free from harm.  

During a blizzard or very heavy snowfall please leave work early and pick up your child  while roads allow travel. It is more important to leave early and be safe driving then being caught in a heavy storm and having an accident.  

In the case of a fire I will first and foremost do my absolute best to get every child out of the house and to safety at a neighbors. I will call 911 from a neighbors house and I will call all parents/guardians to come pick up your child immediately. Each month I hold fire drills. 

During a tornado warning, we will go to the basement and take cover until the warning has been lifted. Parents/guardians will be notified by telephone as soon as possible notifying you as to our condition and location if the home has become unsafe to remain in. 

During a severe thunderstorm or electrical storm all children will be kept away from windows and electric devices.  All electric devices not required will be turned off.  Children afraid of thunder and lightning will be calmed to the best of my ability. If flooding occurs we will move to either the upstairs of the house or we will leave the house and head up to our local park to higher ground depending on the severity of the flood. I will notify all parents/guardians of our location and have you come pick up your child immediately. 

If there has been a power blackout for 2 hours I will call all parents/guardians and ask you to come pick up your child. 

In the event of a lockdown, I will keep the children inside away from the doors and windows. Should there by a neighborhood lockdown, I will notify all parents/guardians by phone to let you know of the situation so you don’t try to come into the neighborhood to pick up your child until it has been deemed safe to do so.  

In the event of a terrorist attack anywhere within the U.S.A. all parents/guardians will be required to come get their children immediately. I will do what is instructed by government officials at the time if it effects our area and do my best to keep the children safe until you arrive. 

If any event causes severe damage or damage that would affect the care I provide, I will call you to come pick up your child or children immediately. 

In ANY event, I reserve the right to take the children with me to pick up my own children from school or to whatever location they are at if necessary. I also have the right to drive the children to a safe facility if instructed by government officials or local authorities. I will do my best to try to notify all parents/guardians or those listed on your emergency forms of our location to have you come pick up your children immediately. If for some reason phone service is down and I’m unable to notify you by phone I will post a note on the front door or other obvious location stating where we are. 

If there is an emergency, we will leave by the nearest exit.  If a personal emergency or a family situation should arise during child care hours requiring my immediate departure I will have substitute provider which could be Bob my husband, my son Christopher or a Friend, stay with the children until you arrive. If the emergency requires both Bob and myself I will have my son Christopher or a Friend come to the school and stay with the kids until you arrive.   Either way, all parents/guardians will be notified and required to come pick your children immediately. 

 In case of a natural disaster, National emergency, State emergency, we are going to meet at King Soopers off Wildcat Reserve Pkwy and McArthur Ranch Road by the main door.

 If any of these kind of disasters or attacks take please, you agree to not hold myself or my family responsible.

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 Fire Safety:

Fire safety is a regular theme of the children's curriculum and we practice fire drill monthly. Evacuation routes and procedures are posted near the stairway. With consideration to age-appropriateness, children will practice exiting the house safely and learn about fire prevention and safety.  The children will also become aware of the designated “safe areas: for use during severe weather

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Arrival and Pickup:

Due to the emotional nature of leaving a child I ask that when you bring your child in the morning you be as quick as possible in your departure. It is much easier on the child when the impending separation is not long and drawn out.  Likewise, in the afternoon, when you pick up your child, please understand that I am working and cannot visit. Your child will be ready to leave when you arrive and it is much easier to gather his/her things, say good-byes, and leave. Should you need to discuss something with me, it would be easier if you would call before pickup or in the evening before 8:00PM and discuss it then. I will talk with you for a short moment before you leave for the day. All daily arrivals and pickups should be on time, early and/or late arrivals and late pickups may lead to termination of services.

If someone other than the parents/guardians are picking up the child than the person responsible for getting the child must be authorized on the child’s Enrollment Application. If the person is not listed on the form I need to receive written authority in advance that the person is allowed to pick your child up. Faxes will not be acceptable. I also require a picture id to be shown to me by the person picking the child up. If an id is not shown I will not let the child go with the party and you will be required to come get your child and will be charged the $1 each minute you are late. 

In the event of a court order restraining one parent or guardian from the child, I must have a written note from the custodial parent or guardian and a copy of the court order.  Without this, I cannot prevent the non-custodial person from picking up the child. 

If a child is not picked up by closing time and I have not been contacted, I will try to call both parents and then the other people listed on your enrollment form to pick up the child.  As required by the State of Colorado, if no one can be reached, I am required by law to contact social services and the county sheriff and report the child as abandoned.  I will engage the child in appropriate activities or allow them to watch a children’s program on t.v. while we wait for someone to pick them up. If it is during meal time or the child becomes hungry I will serve them an appropriate snack or meal.  

We strive to keep our driveway free from all hazardous materials so I ask you to please not park your vehicle in the driveway if your vehicle is leaking any materials especially oil!!  

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The parents will provide the following:

  • A change of clothes (several for potty-trained kids )
  • Diapers (for nap time) & wipes.
  • Ointments
  • Swimmers for the summer
  • And in the winter, snow boots, mittens/gloves, hat, snow pants or extra pair of pants, extra socks.

Also, I ask that parents dress their children in clothing appropriate to the season and weather.    I also ask that the children not be dressed in their “Sunday” best dress clothes, as we will be getting dirty playing outside or will be crawling around on the floor.  Please dress your child in clothing appropriate for the weather including shoes and socks. The child care home is not responsible for misplaced or unlabeled articles of clothing or personal belongings (toys).  Please write on the label on inside collar your child’s name on coats, boots, hats, jackets, sweaters, etc.

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Absences/Sick Days:

I will be fully compensated for any day your child is not in my home due to illness.  If I become ill and unable to care for your child, I will notify you as soon as possible and inform you of arranged back up care or in the very worst case, that I need you pick up your child.  I will be fully compensated for any time missed due to illness when back up care is available in my home, even if you choose to find alternative care.

Initial _____

Bereavement Leave:

I will receive 1 week of paid bereavement leave when necessary.  This leave is to be used in the occurrence of a death in the family, if a family member is involved in a major accident of some kind, or a family member becomes severely ill and needs my assistance.  I reserve the right to take any vacation days available in addition to the 1 week of bereavement. 

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Illnesses and Accidents:

Buzzy Bee Preschool ONLY ACCEPT CHILDREN IN GOOD HEALTH.  I am depending on you to help me maintain this policy.  You must notify me if your child/ren has been exposed to or has a contagious illness and I will notify you if your child/ren have been exposed to a contagious illness due to another child in daycare. For the protection of all children and myself, please keep your child home if there is any indication of illness within 24 hours prior to attending school, including:


1. Hair and Scalp: Itchy (child scratching)

2. Forehead: Fever of 100 degrees or more within the last 24 hours

3. Eyes: Dull, red, watery, weepy, itchy, or crusty (pink eye)

4. Ears: Earache (pulling on ears or oozing)

5. Nose: Yellow or green nasal discharge (indication of infection)

6. Mouth: Sore throat,  deep cough, dry lips or sores

7. Arms and Legs: Unexplained rash, open sores or excessive bruising

8. Overly tired and cranky

9. Diarrhea or vomiting due to illness within the last 24 hours

10. Tuberculosis until not infectious (bacterial – respiratory)

11. Strep Throat (until 24hrs. after treatment begins and no fever for 24hrs. -w/out suppressant)

12. Head lice (until morning after 1st treatment)

13. Scabies (mites) until after treatment is completed)

14. Chicken pox until 6 days after onset of rash and all lesions are dried and crusted

15. Pertussis until 5 days of appropriate antibiotic are completed (respiratory – bacterial)

16. Impetigo (until 24-48 hrs. after meds begin)

16. Mumps until 9 days after onset of parotid gland swelling

17. Hepatitis A until one week after onset or until immune globulin is given to all children/staff

18. Hepatitis B

19. Infection with shigella; E-coli; salmonella

20. Infections with Hemophilus flu; meningitides; streptococcus pneumonia until adequately treated

      or any other possible symptoms of a communicable disease  

Buzzy Bee Preschool reserves the right to send sick children home. Teacher will observe all children entering school in the morning and watch for signs of illness. If any of the above symptoms are present when you bring the child to school the child will not be permitted to stay.  For the benefit of all our children and teacher, we will call the parent of any child who appears to be ill. In such cases, the child is immediately isolated from the others and a parent is contacted. If you are contacted to pick up your sick child, please be prepared to pick him/her up within an hour. If you cannot be reached your contacts will then be called in the order you list them to pick up your child. If they cannot be reached in the event of an accident your child will be transported to the doctor/hospital listed on your enrollment form.

You must keep him/her at home for at least 24 hours after being picked up, or symptoms have subsided, and/or medication has been dispensed.

Germs travel very quickly in a child care setting. By keeping your ill child at home, he/she is not spreading illness to others or being exposed to other germs while his/her resistance is low. Keep in mind, when your child returns to school, he/she will participate in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Admission is at the discretion of myself. 

I prefer to NOT give any medication. When a medication is needed, they should be given at home when possible. This has been made easier now that once and twice daily dosages are available. 

Please let me know when you drop your child off in the morning if you have given him/her any medicine at all the night before or that morning. If for any reason your child has a reaction or gets severely ill where doctors or paramedics need to be called I need to have their medication information available to know as best to assist them. 

If it is necessary that your child needs any type of medication, including vitamins, homeopathic and herbal remedies and OTC ointments and creams (prescription or over the counter) during childcare hours I will need written authorization from your health care provider and from you.  Ask me for the specific forms for this. Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing all medications and supplies. All medicine must be in the original container with your child’s name clearly labeled on it.  

Prescription medicine containers must bear the original pharmacy label that shows the prescription number, name of the medication, date filled, physician's name, child's name and directions for dosage. When no longer needed, the medicine will be returned to the parents/guardians. I can only administer prescription medicine to the child whose name appears on the pharmacy label. In most situations, children should not transport medications to and from this childcare home; this includes medication placed in a diaper bag or backpack. Please hand it directly to myself so we can verify the amount of the medicine together (state requirement) and I can place it in a locked area away from the children.

Nebulized medications and emergency injections (EpiPen) require a written health care plan or instructions completed by the RN consultant and/or the child’s health care provider. 

In the event of an accident or illness at daycare you will be notified immediately and will be expected to remove the child/ren from daycare promptly. You must make arrangements to have the child picked up within 60 minutes upon notification. If you cannot be reached your contacts will then be called in the order you list them to pick up your child. If you cannot be reached in the event of an accident your child will be transported to the doctor/hospital listed on your enrollment form.

*Please notify Buzzy Bee Preschool if your child will be absent or has contacted a contagious illness such as chicken pox, strep throat, flu, pink eye, lice, pinworms, etc. Exposure to communicable illness and infectious disease of other family members should also be reported so that the school may be alerted to early symptoms

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Sun Protection:


Sunscreen will be applied to children that are 6 months and older unless specified by you or your doctor. Sunscreen needs to be applied by you to each of your children 6 months and older before leaving your home to come to school.  I will then re-apply the child’s exposed skin 30 minutes prior to outside play with a Full Spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection factor SPF of 30 or higher for the afternoon outside activities. I do ask that each family bring a bottle of aerosol sunscreen preferable one that doesn’t irritate the eyes, each year to use on your child/ren with at least SPF 30 or higher, labeled with your child’s name.

        Initial _____ 

Topical Ointments/Medication:


Topical preparations used for prevention on unbroken skin including, but not limited to, petroleum jelly, diaper rash ointments, sunscreen, and insect repellant can be administered solely with written parent authorization.  Topical preparations used as treatment on open wounds or broken skin MUST have a written order from a prescribing health care provider in addition to parent authorization.

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 Birthdays and Special Occasions:

Parents are welcome to send cookies, cakes, or cupcakes to share with their child/ren’s friends on birthdays or special occasions. Please let me know in advance that you will be bringing a treat.

            Initial _____ 

Suspected Child Abuse:

The State of Colorado requires that all members of a daycare institution be on the lookout for, and report to the State, any and all cases of abuse to a child.  I am therefore obligated to report to the State any suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect.

All parents want the best for their children. Sometimes abuse is intentional and sometimes it is not. In any case, the child must be protected. I will try to respect your values and methods of child rearing within the bounds of safety and responsible child care practices. However, if it becomes apparent that the child is being harmed, I am required by Colorado law to report such cases.


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Media Use:

I do not allow the children to watch television, however there may be a few times in the winter that I will allow the kids to watch a theme related movie, usually just 30 minutes. I try to emphasize programs with educational content, kindness to each other themes, seasonal specials and children's classics. 

The computers in my home are used for business only so please do not allow your child to bring computer games for the computer as they will not be able to play them.  

We do enjoy music several times a week for dance, dramatic play and physical movement utilizing many children’s cd’s and dvd’s. 

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School Rules:

School rules are in place to keep the children safe from harm. So with that in mind here are the rules for all children to learn to follow:

·         Walk while inside

·         Use quiet voices while inside

·         Use polite words (no name-calling, foul language)

·         Be kind to our friends (no hitting, kicking, pushing, biting, pulling hair, taking toys away

·         Use manners (please, thank you, etc.)

·         Use toys respectfully

·         Follow directions

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I believe in discipline that is provided through a combination of positive reinforcement, re‑direction and time‑out. It will be expected that we work together to alter negative behavior. The children are expected to behave in a reasonable manner to each other and are encouraged to work out solutions to problems between themselves. I will try to act like a mediator in these situations. I will interfere in situations that are not safe or appropriate for your child. First, I will try to redirect your child to another activity. If this doesn't work then "time‑out" will be used. 

The child will be removed from the situation and placed in a specific "time‑out" area for a cooling down period, generally one minute per year in age. After the "time‑out" period is up the child and myself will have a quiet discussion concerning the reasons for the child being placed in "time‑out". These discussions are designed to help the child learn the limits set in this childcare home. 

Discipline and guidance should nurture love, patience and concern through the caregiver resulting in a secure child with high self-esteem and positive self-image. 


            Initial _____

Repairs and/or Replacement of Personal Property:

When children play, equipment and toys may be accidentally broken. That is expected in a childcare home. However, if your child purposely damages any childcare property, or personal property of mine, my family or of another child’s such as toys, books, equipment, or furnishings, you will be expected to replace the item or pay for the replacement or repair. 

Initial _____

Payment Schedule:

All services are prepaid and are due on Monday morning of the week services is to be provided.   If your child starts on a day other than Monday then payment is due the first day of service for the week. Payments will be made weekly or you are welcome to pay multiple weeks if you wish. Payments not received by 5:00pm on Monday (at the latest) will be assessed a $10 per day late fee.  Payments not received by the start of the day on the following Tuesday may result in childcare termination.  Payment is still required on Monday morning even if your child is absent or unless you have contacted me and we made other arrangements. Due to the small number of children in my care, rates cannot and will not be prorated for any reason.  All payments and fees are due in full each week regardless of attendance.  I will be fully compensated for any day your child is not in my home due to illness, vacation or any other reason. If a full time child is absent half a day you will still be charged the full days rate.

 Initial _____

Rates and Fees:

The cost of child care will be based on IF your child is potty trained (please see Potty Training policy).  This rate is what you would be charged when your child(ren) are attending Buzzy Bee Preschool and will be charged to hold your opening in my home.  This rate is subject to change as deemed necessary. 

Upon enrollment, the parent shall complete and return all forms with payment for the first week of care, as well as a two week deposit in advance. This prepayment is non-refundable.  The two-week payment will then be applied to the last two weeks of the 30 days notice of childcare in my home. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  

PREPAYMENT will be required to hold any spot for your family for more than one week. If I am holding a spot to ensure a space for your child and you choose not to use my services for any reason before service has begun, your prepayment will NOT be refunded. 

All services are PREPAID and payment will be made on the first weekday morning for the current week of care.  No post dated checks will be accepted.  Parents are welcome to pay multiple weeks if they wish.  There will be a $20.00 charge for each day the payment is late, including times when a back-up provider is used.  Checks returned for insufficient funds, closed accounts, or similar reasons must be rectified immediately by a cash payment plus an additional $35.00 service fee, as that is what I will be charged by my bank.  From that point on, all payments must be made in CASH

There will be an overtime charge for all children picked up after their scheduled pick up time, & or no later than 5 p.m.  My intent is not to increase my income, but to have my opening and closing times respected so I may follow through with my family plans and commitments.  Overtime is charged at a rate of $1.00 per minute.  This is payable at the time the child is picked up for the day.  If your payment is late, you may be asked to withdraw your child from the child care home

     Rates will be noted on the enrollment contract form.

            Initial _____

Potty Training:

A $5.00/day additional fee will go into effect while your child is being potty trained.  Potty training periods will be discussed and approved by both the parents and the provider at a prior conference.  Children must exhibit all signs that they are ready for potty training prior to commencement.  This fee will be in effect from the first day your child wears any type of training pants until he/she can use the bathroom unassisted for at least one full week.

                 -Unassisted – My not telling them to use the potty.  They pull their pants down, get onto the potty, clean themselves, get off the potty, pull up their pants, flush, and wash & dry their hands.

Initial _____


I will be taking three week’s vacation per year in which I do not charge you. Otherwise if you have vacations and would like to take time off, you will still need to pay for daycare.  Please keep in mind that I do not care for a large group of children and the stability of my income is important to my staying in this business.  If you would like to make arrangements for half day care or one or two days of care during a week in which you would be off, please make those arrangements in advance. You are required to find your own care for these three weeks that I am off, however, I will also be happy to assist you, if needed, in finding substitute childcare during these weeks. 

           Initial _____

Substitute Care:

I do have fellow childcare providers to use as “back up” in case of my vacations and you need help, or an emergency or severe illness in my family to watch your child(ren).  However, you are also responsible to have a person in mind should my backup person be unavailable at that time to you.  Having someone (family member, friend, neighbor etc.) that you can rely upon will make this time less stressful and a better experience in that unpredicted time of need.

           Initial _____

Paid Holidays:

The following days are the holidays which my child care home will be closed and are regarded as paid holidays:

            Martin Luther King Day          Presidents Day (3rd Monday in February) 

    Memorial Day             Fourth of July                                                   Labor Day

            Thanksgiving Day                                           Friday after Thanksgiving                              

            Christmas Eve                                                Christmas Day

            New Year’s Eve                                              New Year’s Day

           If the holiday falls on a weekend, I will take either the Friday before or the Monday after as the paid day off.  If a holiday falls during my scheduled vacation period, it is still expected to be paid in advance to the provider and is this is a Holiday not a vacation day.  You will be responsible for finding care during these holidays. 

                        Initial _____ 

Dismissal of a Child:

This daycare reserves the privilege of dismissing any child if, after enrolling, s/he seems unable to participate in group experiences, the parent/guardian breaches the contract or fees have not been paid.

            Initial _____

Deposit & Termination of Services:

A two-week deposit is required to hold your child’s spot and during their enrollment period with me. The deposit is equal to your payment to the childcare home for two weeks. This deposit is non-refundable. Parents/guardians must give me a written notice of termination THIRTY DAYS, beginning with Monday, before the child is to leave the childcare home. Payment of the last thirty days is required whether or not your child is attending the childcare home. The thirty days may not include any month where I am closed for 5 or more consecutive days due to my personal vacation. Failure to give proper notice will result in the normal fee being due and payable to cover the four week period.   Once your 30 day notice is given your deposit will be applied to pay for the last 2 weeks of child care in my home.  You will be charged for 30 days (through the end of the week, 30 days from the child/ren’s last day) upon “lack of notice”.  This “lack of notice fee” is due upon my request and you will be charged a $10 per day late fee should you neglect to pay it upon such request.   Please note, if you do not show up with payment on Monday morning and have not contacted me I assume you have terminated your position and I reserve the right to fill your position immediately, in addition your deposit will not be refunded. 

Should the need for a claim to be filed in small claims court arise, you will also be responsible for all court costs, collection costs, postage and additional fees related to the collection of your outstanding debt.  The contract is subject to early termination by the daycare without prior notification in the event that the child/ren become disruptive or ungovernable in the opinion of the daycare provider. In such event, the daycare will be paid in full through the week in which such termination occurs. NO CASH REFUNDS ARE GIVEN. 


I also reserve the right to immediately terminate childcare services without notice. 

You must give a written 30 days (30 calendar days) notice before termination of the Buzzy Bee Preschool Home Daycare contract and will be responsible for all final payments through the end of the notice period. 

            Initial _____

Open Door Policy:

I have always welcomed the parents to drop by any time during the day to check on their children without giving me any kind of notice. I want parents to feel comfortable about their children being in a safe and comfortable environment.

        Initial _____

Recalled Toys and Equipment:

I am regularly notified of recalled toys and equipment through the different child care associations I belong to. When I become aware of a recalled item that I have in this home I will take the necessary steps to remove the item from my home and/or replace the item according to the manufactures instructions. In most cases I print out the list of recalled items and post them next to the sign in sheet so you can see if you have any of the recalled items in your home as well.

        Initial _____

 Alcohol and Drugs:

Alcohol is not allowed to be used in a childcare home during the hours of operation. Parents/guardians are not allowed to pick up children if alcohol or drug use is indicated by behavior or smell. In that event I will not allow the child to leave with the person or persons under the influence and I will call the names listed on your emergency form to come pick up the child. You will then be charged $1 a minute until they arrive if it is after 4:30 p.m. or your designated time.

       Initial _____

Snow Closure Policy:

Buzzy Bee Preschool is strongly committed to remaining open as much as possible. We understand the difficulties for working parents that school closings occur. There are times however, where conditions are not safe and/or travel is simply too treacherous. We urge you to make contingency plans in advance wherever possible. The decision is made relative to safety at our school and children. We hope the following information will assist you in planning ahead for our winter season. 

Our policies are as follows:
1. If DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS  close due to inclement weather, BUZZY BEE PRESCHOOL will be closed.

2.  Busy Bee Preschool is open with regular hours on those days when Douglas County Schools have a late start.

3. Tuition is not refundable due to the weather closure. 

There are several ways to learn about closures for Buzzy Bee Preschool:

- Call us at 303 791-0658

- Emails

- Douglas County Schools Website 

Should weather conditions get worse during the time Buzzy Bee Preschool is providing care, we may decide to contact parents and request your child be picked up as soon as possible. Even the best laid plans may not meet what the weather has in store. Inclement weather is a prime example of when names and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up your child(ren) is extremely important and crucial. Please make sure family contacts and telephone numbers are current at your child’s school. If any other unforeseen event causes the school to close, parents will receive a phone call from the teacher. 

Criteria for Buzzy Bee Preschool to be open:

·                     Electricity, heating, and plumbing operational

·                     Streets are cleared for the passage of any emergency vehicles.

·                     Safe travel conditions for families and staff.

·                     All exits and entrances and fire escapes are cleared for passage. 

Please feel free to call if you have any questions about whether there will be school. Thank you in advance for understanding our need for safety.

            Initial _____


 If there are changes occurring in your family such as a new baby, a move, an illness, a separation or divorce, please advise me so that I can work with your child more successfully during times of insecurity and transition.

          Initial _____


I am a self employed Licensed Child Care provider.  I have tried to be fair in setting up these guidelines to help us both see what we can do for each other.  The financial arrangements are there for my family to maintain a monthly balance we depend on and you can budget.  I do expect the respect and consideration you would give any other professional.  Please remember my business is necessary for the support and well being of my own family.  Changes in the services contract should be fully discussed and agreed upon.

Your child(ren)’s well being is very important to me, and I want to keep communication open.  Please ask me for a conference at any time.  If necessary, I will ask the same of you.  Please feel free to bring me any complaints or compliments.  As required by regulations, I am listing the number to the Colorado Department of Human Services, which is (303)866-5958.

Initial _____

 Please read, sign and return all pages.

Buzzy Bee Preschool Home Daycare admits all children regardless of race, nationality or religious background. This Preschool daycare welcomes any exchange of information that will help to better serve your child/ren’s needs. This Preschool daycare welcomes any parent who wishes to share talents by helping with various projects to benefit the children’s experience.

 I/We have read, understand, and by signing and returning this page do agree to the policies stated in this handbook. I/We understand that should there be updates to this handbook, I/We will be given a copy of the page with the updated information and a new copy of this page to sign and return.  I/We will fill out, sign and return the enrollment form and contract in their entirety.  By doing so I/We are enrolling my/our child/ren in the Buzzy Bee Preschool home daycare of Sonia Carr.

Child’s name: _____________________       age: ____________

Child’s name: _____________________       age: ____________

Signed (Mother or Guardian) _________________________ date: ____________

Signed (Father or Guardian) _________________________          date:  ____________

Signed (Day care provider) __________________________           date: ____________ 

Email address at which I can be contacted: