Buzzy BePreschool - Licensed Home Childcare in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Buzzy BePreschool - Licensed Home Childcare in Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Welcome Friends and Parents to Buzzy Bee Preschool.

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Reply Barbara
1:41 PM on October 10, 2016 

There are no words to properly thank you for the love and care you have given to Lily over the past 2 years. We appreciate you so much. We will miss you.

Thank you for everything!


Dean and Barbara


Reply Labberts
5:27 PM on July 22, 2016 

Buzzy Bee Preschool was recommended to me by a friend of mine (Thanks Lena!). I am very pleased with the pre-school. My child seems happy! She has made friends and her teacher Ms. Sonia became a very important person to her. Ms. Sonia is a great preschool teacher- she has a great experience, amazing personality. She is kind and very caring. The preschool is safe, clean, has a great general curriculum and is in a good location (HR). All activities at the preschool are great. Handcrafts that the kids create every day are amazing! I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Reply Maya Sharpnack
2:03 PM on August 26, 2014 

Buzzy Bee preschool is a great preschool. I started there when I was 2 1/2 years old and now I'm in the 7th grade and an A student. Buzzy Bee preschool taught me a lot when I was there, Ms. Sonia taught me Spanish, numbers, how to write my name, and the alphabet. When I was four my parents took me to kindergarten for a test to see if I can attend school and I passed thanks to Buzzy Bee preschool and Ms. Sonia. At Buzzy Bee there are a lot of toys donated by past students and outside there is a fun play ground for the kids to play on. Now when I do not have school I sometimes go to Ms. Sonia's to help her with the kids and all of them are so smart. There is a 3 year old who knows how to write her name all by herself. All the kids have very good manners like please and thank you and table manners. Overall Buzzy Bee preschool is a great school for little kids.

From: Maya

Reply Chris Gentner
4:42 PM on August 22, 2014 

My children have had an overwhelmingly positive experience at Buzzy Bee Preschool. My oldest daughter, now in 3rd grade, learned so much in her time with Sonia! It fostered a love of reading that continues to this day. She was absolutely prepared to enter Kindergarten when she left Buzzy Bee, thanks to the structured learning, fun crafts, positive reinforcement, and fantastic social interaction that she got with the other children there. My son is currently a student at Buzzy Bee as well. We didn't even consider another school because there was no need. He is improving his reading and writing skills so much every day! I have absolutely no doubt that he will have no problems moving into Kindergarten next year thanks to the wonderful environment he enjoys at Buzzy Bee! I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Reply Barb
9:20 PM on August 20, 2014 

We LOVE Buzzy Bees Preschool. My daughter was able to write her name at 2 years of age and by 3 could already identify letters and name all shapes and colors. I am confident that she will be ready for Kindergarten when the time comes. The director, Sonia is very kind and caring with the children and not only works on academics, but also works on social skills. Even though it is located in a home, she has the perfect set up for a preschool and it is much cleaner than many of the preschools we looked at. Highly recommend. Barb

Reply Brandon
9:18 PM on August 20, 2014 

We brought up two children through Buzzy Bee. The reason we brought our second child was because of the success with our first. Our first came into K-12 head and shoulders above others and quickly went into advanced placement. Sonia provides great structure and learning in and a safe and clean environment. She truly cares about the children and it shows. I would highly recommend her preschool. Brandon

Reply Val McKnight
3:01 PM on August 20, 2014 

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Buzzy Bee Preschool and Sonia Carr. As a mom of 3 children we wish we would have known about Buzzy Bee Preschool when our other two children were small. Sonia offers so much more than the big centers and has far fewer kids. Our daughter has been attending Buzzy Bee Preschool for 1 year and is starting her 2nd year of preschool here. She has grown and learned so much academically through Sonia’s excellent and structured preschool program! She has learned letters, numbers, counting and writing among many other things. Sonia incorporates crafts and activates into the themed lesson plans. The preschool is in a nice clean home with a dedicated and spacious finished basement for the preschool area. The play area is very well lit and has many play centers for the children to explore and learn. Sonia has always prepared and provided healthy meals and snacks every day. She has even encouraged our daughter to eat more things that are healthy for her and we have noticed the difference. Nap time or quiet time is from 2 to 4 pm but my daughter sometimes only sleeps about an hour and a half or so and Sonia provides her with quiet time activities as not to wake the children who do need longer naps. Sonia is from Brazil and speaks fluent English but the perk is she also knows Portuguese and Spanish and has even taught my daughter some basic Spanish. Win win! Our daughter has always been safe and well cared for at Buzzy Bee Preschool and she loves to go. The prices are very reasonable if you compare them to other area full day preschool programs. However with Buzzy Bee Preschool you do get amazing value for what you pay (as a mom who has paid big bucks at big box preschools for her older children I realized this value immediately). Buzzy Bee Preschool does have requirements to hold your spot and for notice if you are leaving but after visiting several home day cares/preschools I found that the contract and agreement was fairly standard and reasonable as it would be in any respectful business agreement. If you are looking for an excellent preschool program for you 2 ½ to pre K child I give my highest recommendation to Buzzy Bee Preschool and Sonia Carr.


Val McKnight



Reply Yvette
7:41 PM on February 28, 2014 

You are too awesome Sonia Carr! Maya and Blake are soooo smart and well behaved and we owe so much of that to you.

Reply Tracy
7:39 PM on February 28, 2014 

I'm still so happy that we found you. I truly believe that you are the reason he loves school and learning. You really knew how to handle my off the wall hard headed strong willed child. Make kindergarten and 1st grade so much easier for he and his teachers. Can wait to see you in June when we come home for our visit. Xoxo


Reply Jamie
12:59 AM on July 11, 2012 

Miss Sonia,

Your approach to teaching and caring for the kids is amazing. I am thoroughly impressed with how well the kids get along and genuinely have fun while learning. We have used a different in-home daycare/pre-school in the past, which was very chaotic and hectic. Not at Buzzy Bee Preschool! Kara loves coming to school and has learned a ton, both scholastically and socially. I have no doubts that she will be more than prepared for Kindergarten when then time comes. Looking forward to another year!


Reply Keri
9:31 PM on April 4, 2012 

If I had time to write a book, I still wouldn't be able to express how positively Sonia has impacted my life and my twins' lives. My boy/girl twins met Sonia at 2.5 yrs of age, and were with her until they went off to Kindergarten last fall. Had she run a program through college, they'd still be with her as she means that much to us! Where do I even begin to praise Sonia and her amazing curriculum/school/cleanliness/structure/tri-lingual activities, etc??? She taught Kindergarten -- there were too many children and they weren't getting enough one on one time -- so she started this business, and those of us (parents and children) who have been blessed enough to find her, well, there will never be enough words to express the gratitude, the learning, the playing, the values, daily art projects, the care this amazing woman has invested in our children and our lives. My twins entered Kindergarten above expected level, and have continued to thrive all year. They were fully socialized, had manners, knew English and Spanish words and numbers, Portuguese songs and dances, knew how to write so many words, and had begun reading, all before they entered public school. My children still visit, and we will always keep in touch with and love Sonia, who started as a teacher, became a friend, and we now consider her extended family. She is one of those rare angels on earth, and had we not stumbled into her when we did, I shudder to think how crazed our lives would have been.

Reply Eric and Jessica
7:12 PM on April 1, 2012 

Sonia you are so dear to our family. You have been so amazing from day one; Jacob and Nathan have learned so much from you, words will never express our gratitude. Your love for our children is unquestionable. Thank you for always having a smile and open arms to our boys. You are an amazing pre-school teacher, you have always provided a safe, fun and structured learning environment.

Thank you!

Reply Melissa Gentner
1:50 PM on March 21, 2012 

Ms. Sonia is so wonderful! This preschool is great because it follows a curriculum, but also has wonderful activities, crafts etc. The kids recieve so much attention and love. Sonia did such a terrific job for our daughter Kyrah and we are so excited to send our son Cole there in the fall. Sonia is a great tecaher and friend. She is kind and caring and very professional as well.

Reply Suzette Krause
3:08 PM on March 19, 2012 

Sonia has been a Godsend to our family. My oldest boy started when he turned 3 and it is amazing how much he has learned in her care. I am confident he is developing the skills needed to start school which includes grammer, crafts, life skills such as getting along, taking turns and being polite. He LOVES going to school and LOVES Sonia. On Fridays he is wanting to know when will school be open again. I can't say enough good things about Sonia...she truly has a special gift and will be part of our family for a long time.

Reply Andrea
1:29 PM on March 19, 2012 

We couldn't be happier! Sonia is such a positive role model, with her endless patience and calm, focused discipline. She has become a friend that we confide in and seek out for parenting advice on a regular basis. My children adore her, and everyday we see how they thrive in this exceptional learning atmosphere. In preparing my daughter for kindergarten, Sonia has gone above and beyond what I could ask of any preschool teacher. I have no doubt that my daughter will excel in all aspects of curriculum, and I am so grateful to Sonia for this. My favorite part of Sonia's intimate learning setting is the core values that she instills in my children. Any parent knows the feeling when their kids tell each other how much they love each other, give hugs, share their toys, and are respectful to their parents, peers, and other adults. This is truly a blessing, and we are very honored to have our children in Sonia's trusted care.

Reply Tracy & Marc
11:43 AM on January 6, 2012 

Dear Sonia,

We are so happy to have found you. Caydence has grown so much in just 5months. You not only have helped him with his socialization skills but also with his behavior. I couldnt thank you enough for all that you have done for my little man. Just this morning he was doing addition problems when getting dressed to come to school. The little things he tells me just blow me out of the water. Thank you for that. We love you and are so blessed to have you in our childs life. You are giving him such a wonderful head start. Its going to be sad when he has to leave you for kindergarten.

With love,

Tracy and Marc Robinson

Reply Raquel
6:44 PM on January 2, 2012 

Olá Sônia!!!

Achei muito bacana o seu site, foi você quem fez??

Viu, quando vem ao Brasil novamente?

Reply Krista & David
4:58 PM on April 9, 2010 

Dear Sonia~

We are so thrilled to have found you. You are a blessing to our entire family as we watch Hunter look forward to coming to school with you each day. We appreciate your flexibility with us as parents, yet structure and high expectations for the kids. We were concerned Hunter wouldn't be ready for Kindergarten, but you have prepared him well. We will recommend you for years to come!

Reply Clau Pietryka
10:45 AM on April 24, 2009 
Prima........parabens por tudo!!!!pela linda escolinha como tb pelas suas belas artes !!!!QUEM DIRIA ....QUE VC TEM UM VOCACAO TA GRANDE POR ARTES!!!!PARABENS!!! WE LOVE YOU.... MEIRE,PETIE AND GENEVIEVE!!
Reply Anita
8:51 PM on April 8, 2009 
Dear Sonia, Georgia has just been thriving, learning so much and so happy since she has been coming to Buzzy Bee! 8 months now! I am so pleased with all you have to offer and teach her ; and love to see her developing. You are a special lady with a gift for teaching children! Thank you!